CSC FAQs2017-05-25T10:14:50-04:00
How do I transfer a bond?2017-05-08T10:21:28-04:00

Contact Anne Peters,, to transfer a bond to a family member.

How do I terminate membership?2017-05-08T10:20:06-04:00

If you are no longer interested in membership please contact Anne Peters at 610-525-2531 or

How do I help with Swim Team?2017-05-08T10:19:39-04:00

Visit the Swim Team tab of the website.  Season long and meet jobs are listed. Contact for more information!

Who do I contact if I have a question not addressed here?2017-05-08T10:18:21-04:00

You may contact the club president  or the pool manager

I registered and I cannot sign in immediately?2017-05-08T10:18:05-04:00

Your registration must be approved and additional instructions are sent to your inbox. The process takes 24 hours.

How do I get the club e-mails?2017-05-08T10:15:55-04:00

Members may register on the website. Only registered members will get the club e- Mails.

How do I apply for membership?2017-05-08T10:15:39-04:00

A member must ask for a membership form a friend who is already a member. The application must be picked up at the Club by a current member, filled out with the appropriate signatures of current members and then mailed to the ADDRESS on the application

How Long is the wait list for membership?2017-05-08T10:15:18-04:00

Approximately 3 years