About Membership

Thank you for inquiring about Conestoga Swim Club.

Our pricing is approximately $200 per family member over age 2.  There is also an initiation fee of $900 ($175 of which is a bond) when you first become members (the bond will be returned upon resigning from the club) There are additional fees for tennis, paddle tennis and the swim team should any family member wish to participate in those sports. The fees applicable at the time you accept membership will prevail which will supersede any pricing shown here.

To apply you must be a resident of Radnor Township, please email us for a registration form then complete it with signatures from three members who know you. The application then gets mailed to us at which time you will be added to our wait list, which is about 2-3 years at this point in time.  You will not hear from us until your name rises up that list to the point we can invite you to join.  At that time you may accept or decline.  If you decline your name is removed from the wait list.

We look forward to having you part of Conestoga Swim Club.

Member Check-In & Guest Rules

All members must check in with a staff member at the front desk every time they enter the pool grounds.  As of the 2020 season, we will no longer be using membership cards.  Guests may not use the pool on Memorial Day, the 4th of July or Labor Day. Guests MUST be accompanied by a member who will remain at the pool during the guest’s entire stay at the pool.  Members are responsible for their guests.  Guest fees will be collected at the front desk for tennis and/or pool use.

Deep Water Test

The following criteria are required for the Deep-Water test (formerly the Tag Test).  There will be no exceptions as this is a safety rule.

All children UNDER twelve (12) years of age must be able to complete the following in order to pass from the first rope without an adult and to also have access to the diving board and slide.

  1. A non-stop FREESTYLE swim of one and one-half laps
  2. Tread water for sixty (60) seconds
  3. Finish remaining one-half lap of FREESTYLE swimming

Keep in mind this is a continuous test.  Stopping or resting will be considered an unsuccessful test.  Also, only ONE attempt a day to pass the test will be permitted.

Finally, parents are asked to stay OFF the pool deck during their child’s deep water test.

Swimmers who want to take the test are to go to the front desk and ask to take the test.  The test will be administered as soon as the lap lane is clear and personnel are available.  Once they earn their wrist band it is to be worn at ALL times while at the pool.

Swim Lessons

The club will provide swim lessons for children ages 4 to 8 years.  Lessons will be scheduled and posted by the manager.  Private lessons are also available for a fee with individual lifeguards.

Pool Safety

Pool safety will be vigorously enforced at all times and with no exceptions.

While we will always have lifeguards on duty each member must take responsibility for not only their own safety but their family members as well, including small children.  Conestoga has an Arm’s Length rule that applies to ALL children 5 years of age and younger.  This means that at ALL times an adult will be within an arm’s length of their child who is 5 or under.  Sitting on the deck or the steps does NOT meet these criteria.  You MUST be in the pool with your young child.  No flotation devices are permitted at any time.  Parents are also responsible for their children while on the playground or in the wading pool.

Remember, the guards are there for the safety of all members.  They are not there to function as babysitters.  Please do not speak to or distract them when they are at their posts.  The manager will be solely responsible for the placement of lifeguards in compliance with CSC policies, Radnor Township Ordinances and applicable PA State laws.  If you have a question or comment please go the front desk and speak to the manager on duty.

Again, pool safety rules will be enforced at all times and without exception.

To all our swim team parents.  Please keep in mind that your swimmers work very hard during the week and that participating in meets is their chance to see their hard work paying off for them.  Also, the coaches put quite a bit of work into meet line-ups, so no-shows create an even greater workload trying to make last minute substitutions.  This is also an excellent teaching moment when it comes to your children learning about commitment and being part of a team.

Remember, whatever you bring into the club you are responsible for taking with you when you leave.  This includes cleaning up any litter.  This is your job, not the lifeguards job.

Finally, alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all times and in all forms on any portion of CSC grounds with the exception of CSC sanctioned gatherings.  Any violations of this rule will be handled swiftly and without exception.  There also will be no appeals for anyone who violates this rule.