CSC has 3 paddle courts and a paddle hut available to all members, adults and children, year-round.  The game is a lot of fun to play and becoming more popular every year!  Please contact any of the names below to learn about paddle opportunities, check court times, or to make sure the club gate can be open at a specific time. We always welcome new players!

Members are asked to pay a fee each year to CSC to cover court fees.  Competitors in inter-club matches join MAPTA (paddle association) for a fee. Please visit the MAPTA website for more information (website found under the “links” tab)

The club is always looking for new players! If you enjoy racquet sports and like a winter workout you will love it! Contact one of our paddle representatives for more information.

Women’s Paddle at CSC

The women have 3 teams competing in inter-club play.

Contact Laura Owens for general paddle questions at

  1. Cup 3 Captain Kathy Rinehart at  Monday Mornings
  2. Cup 5 Captains Clare Girton at Wednesday Mornings
  3. Cup 7 Captain Haley Erdlen at Wednesday Mornings

Men’s Paddle at CSC

The men have 4 teams competing in inter-club play.

Contact Mike Rinehart at

    1. Division 1 Captain Trevor McAndrew at
    2. Division 2 Captain Mike Rinehart at
    3. Division 4 Captain Pat Farren at
    4. Division 8 Captain Dan Fitch at

The following is the link for the online court reservation system:

If you have any questions or having difficulty getting into the site, please contact Laura Owens at for assistance.