Conestoga Swim Club offers a great summer swimming experience as part of the DELCO Swim League through the CSC Swim Team. Within the one swim team, different opportunities exist for swimmers to compete. All swimmers 12 & Under are eligible to swim in the JV swim meets, which are Wednesday evenings. Based on swimmer times, many younger swimmers will qualify to swim in the Varsity meets, which are Saturday mornings. All swimmers 13 years old and older are eligible to swim in the varsity meets. Practice times are mornings Monday – Friday or several afternoons (for those who attend camp in the morning).

Age groups are as follows:  8 & Under, 10 & Under, 12 & Under, 14 & Under and 18 & Under.

Swimmer’s age is whatever age they are on June 1.  For example, a swimmer turning 13 on June 2 will swim as a 12 & Under for the summer season.

Grace Wakiyama will join us as head coach of the CSC Swim team and is looking forward to a fun season of summer swimming!

We hope to see many new and returning swimmers this year!!