Congratulations to last years Fall 14 and Under team for winning their league, they will be competing in the District tournament in July.

CSC has two JTT teams registered and ready to play:

  • 12 & Under Intermediate* (Team Name: CSC One More Shot 1)
  • 14 & Under Intermediate* (Team Name: CSC One More Shot 2)

It’s not too late to join these teams. If interested, please reach out immediately. Team players need to have rally and serving skills; some match play experience is a bonus, but not essential. Players need to be USTA members. Registration to play on a USTA team will be $12. This will cover the league admin fees. The season’s schedule is listed in the sections below for each team.

Junior Team Tennis Schedule

Coming Soon – Click here to download the schedule in PDF format

*Birthday cut-off is September 1st. As an example, if you are 14 on Sept 1, 2018, but turn 15 on Sept 2, 2018, you are still eligible to play 14s this year.

Please note: Match times are subject to change.